Spoken Word & Poetry

With time, this page will grow. -Mee

"That Feeling"

Musically, I can escape,

With the epitome of the bass booming in my soul,

I see clouds.

My mind moves internally, while my body grooves externally - rhythmically. Sing with me! Not audibly, but unrealistically,

with my energy filling thee with the passion that moves your soul and the language that can control...

What is that?!

That rock and roll, that drum roll, that - you know. Music.

You see, it speaks to me in a way that says, "I wanna rock with you," and then it tells me, "I wanna groove with you." 

I don't know what it is, but it's like when I hear it, I can't control myself.

You know what, I know what it is . It's that boom and tick, the mmmm click, guitar riffs, piano, crescendo, soprano, staccato, the tempo, and in the end, dimenuendo, 

That makes me...it gives me the feeling like...whats the word?


No, "peace" doesn't explain the emotion I contain. You see,

~I'm high~

Now, don't get me wrong. It's not a high that's artificially made or given

in those scientific lab prisons

that make toxins infiltrate and leave an unsightly fate on the face of the user.

No, this is a high that only the Creator can give - it's that 'sticky' that's adhesive to my state of being.

Now I'm not trying to be too deep, but these are facts. 

I am what I am because of that - music, creativity, and art. God.